Paid Multi-User Zoom Account

In our most recent release, we introduced support to link your QuickSchools account with a single paid Zoom Account that supports multiple users:

Single Paid Zoom Account

With this setting enabled, you can link your QuickSchools account to a single Zoom Account:

The integration will then attempt to link the users you’ve set up in Zoom with users you’ve set up in QuickSchools automatically. So when a teacher creates a new online meeting, the system will use the corresponding host in Zoom to create the meeting. In this way, the school can manage/handle concurrent meetings, as long as the same host does not set up or start meetings at the same time.

Multiple Free Accounts

If you disable this setting, then the default behaviour is to allow each teacher to set up integration with their own free Zoom account:

Notice that there is a teacher dropdown. Once you select a teacher, you can configure the OAuth credentials for that teacher. 

Instructions for setting up the OAuth Credentials are here:

Please contact us via chat or email if you have any questions or suggestions. See you online!

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