Google Classroom Integration is LIVE

QuickSchools is delighted to announce this exciting new! The Google Classroom (LMS) Integration app has been moved out of Private Beta, and is now readily available on our App Store:

Google Classroom (LMS) Integration with QuickSchools

We’ve made several refinements since this app was introduced late last year. One key feature is the new option to “Only synchronize assignments from Google Classrooms with dates within the currently active academic term in QuickSchools”:

Configure the Google Classroom (LMS) Integration

Here are some key features to note about Google Classroom, and how it relates to QuickSchools:

No Academic Terms in Google Classroom

Because Google Classroom does not have academic terms, there will likely be situations where the Google Classroom has assignments and grades spanning multiple semesters. To address this, the new setting mentioned above will only transfer grades that are within the start / end dates of the active academic semester in QuickSchools. So as the school year progresses, you can continue to use the same Google Classroom. The app will neatly transfer only the relevant assignments and grades (based on date) into the appropriate academic terms in QuickSchools (as and when the semesters are activated).


If a student is enrolled in Google Classroom, and both the student and course are mapped, the student will be auto-enrolled in QuickSchools as part of the Gradebook Synchronization. You actually do not need to enroll the student into the course in QuickSchools, since this will be done automatically.

We have however disabled the automatic unenrollment feature. So if a student is unenrolled from a course, you’ll need to unenroll the student twice. Once in Google Classroom and once in QuickSchools. This is just a safeguard against inadvertent removal of students from courses in QuickSchools. If you’d like to have this feature re-enabled, please contact our support team.

Data that cannot be Synchronized

Due to the limitations of the API available from Google Classroom, we are unable to synchronize the following information:

  • Marking Categories (or Gradebook Categories in QuickSchools)
  • Final Grades

Once the raw grades are transferred into QuickSchools via the Gradebook Sync process, you can freely update the categories. The final grade calculations within the QuickSchools Gradebook. This data will not be overwritten by future synchronization runs.

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