New Release – Oct 21, 2020

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

LMS: Assignments and Live Stream modules (Beta)

  • Support for multi-user Zoom account
  • Automatically convert Homework to Published Assignments when installing the Assignments App
  • Save selected teacher and subject when admin user moves between screens
  • Disable notifications for Draft Assignments
  • Disable unpublished assignments from Student/Parent Portals
  • Pagination fix for Assignments listing
  • Miscellaneous Database Upgrades

Other General Improvements

  • Ability to Email Latest Receipt (See below)
  • New Safeguard when saving empty Gradebook
  • Trial Sign-Up supports verification code
  • Update semester activation from “Create Semester”
  • Update Lesson Plans module to support Assignments
  • Update Lesson Plans module to hide Homework when Homework is disabled
  • Bug fix when using UK-format with weekly scheduled tasks
  • Bug fix when searching for members in Library App
  • Bug fix when accessing Report Cards with empty link to Standards-Based Gradebook

NOTE: We had to one patch release since our last major release on September 28:

Email Latest Receipt

Due to popular demand, we’re introducing a new feature to Email Latest Receipt. From the Fee Tracking module, must select a few students / families, and then select “Email Latest Receipt” from the menu:

Email Latest Receipt

This feature works just like “Email Latest Statement”. A pop-up window will appear to confirm the action. You can also specify the sender information, as well as add an optional message:

Add Optional Message when Emailing Receipt

An email will be sent to the student or the parent depending on whether you have Student or Family Billing enabled.

Multi User Zoom Account

We’ve introduced a new setting when configuring the Zoom Integration App:

New option for paid Zoom Accounts when integrating with QuickSchools

This feature allows you to set up a single Zoom account to connect with QuickSchools. A more thorough description has been posted here.

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