Custom Attendance Codes

The Custom Attendance Codes app has been in the QuickSchools App Store for several years now. The app itself has not changed much, but there are a couple new features to mention. So we thought we’d revisit this app and it’s functionality.

The Custom Attendance Codes app essentially allows you to

  • Create additional attendance codes specific to your school
  • Allow teachers to use custom attendance codes while taking attendance
  • Note/record attendance codes to be applied in the future
  • Inform teaches of applied attendance codes when taking attendance

Configuring Access

The Attendance Codes app essentially has 2 components that in combination can address the scenarios above, and these are (1) the Attendance Codes themselves, and (2) a Daily Status which is essentially the application of the Attendance Code on a date range. When configuring the app, you can keep these components purely for administrators, or you can allow teachers to view them on their Attendance roster:

Configure Access to the Attendance Codes App

Custom Attendance Codes

Users with administrative access to the Attendance Codes app will have the ability to view/edit Attendance Codes under the “Codes” submenu (under the main “Attendance” menu):

Manage Custom Attendance Codes for your School

When adding/editing an Attendance Code, the following fields are available to you:

Add / Edit Custom Attendance Codes

You basically specify a code and description, as well as the corresponding attendance status for this code. There is an additional check box to allow teachers to use this code while taking attendance otherwise, the code is only applied at the administrative level.

Daily Status

As an administrator, you can set up a Daily Status record. You can select a student and apply an attendance code for a specified date range. This process DOES NOT take attendance, but notes down a future event so that you can take the appropriate attendance when the time comes:

View Daily Statuses for the current day

By default, the system shows the Daily Status that applies for the current date. Clicking on a student will show all Daily Statuses for that student:

View Daily Status for a Student

And clicking on a Daily Status allows you to change the parameters of the entry:

Add / Edit Daily Status for a Student

Taking Attendance

As mentioned earlier, you can allow teachers to take attendance using the configured Attendance Codes. You can allow teachers to view the notes from the Daily Status entered for that day:

Attendance Roster for Teachers with Attendance Codes and Daily Status enabled

Notice the Attendance Codes on the right-side of the header. And Daily Status notes appear in red under the students name on the left.


You can build your own reports in the Report Creator, using fields from the Attendance Code app:

Attendance Code Reports via the Report Creator

We also have canned reports available under “Summary Reports”:

Attendance Code Report under Summary Reports

Hope this app comes in handy. Hope to see you online!

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