Test Scores App

The Test Scores/Certificates app has been a fantastic addition to the QuickSchools app store. It’s a powerful app that’s great for high schools, language schools, higher education, and other institutions that need to track standardized test scores for students. Let’s take a look at the app’s awesome system for managing all those score reports.

First, admins can install the app from the app store. During installation, settings can be configured. It is possible to allow some, any, or all teachers to enter scores, and admins can chose if students can view their own scores in their Student Portal.

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Attendance Snapshot App

Several schools that use the awesome QuickSchools Attendance module had requested an at-a-glance visual of attendance for all students. The app developers heard your ideas, and now we have a great app to show students attendance for each day. Let’s take a look at this awesome Attendance Snapshot app!

The app is available in the App Store “School Apps section”. Admins can configure who has access to the app, since it shows attendance data for all students in the school regardless of class or grade-level.

The Attendance Snapshot app is available in the App Store
The Attendance Snapshot app is available in the App Store

The app’s display is structured like a spreadsheet and supports up to 10 scheduled periods from daily, subject-based, period-based, and rotating attendance. Before the day starts, the attendance is blank…

Use the dynamic display to check if students' attendance has been submitted and what the records show
Use the dynamic display to check if students’ attendance has been submitted and what the records show

…but as the day continues, it fills up with the attendance information.Read More »

Advanced Subject Setup App

We’ve recently unveiled a brand new app in the QuickSchoolsApp Store. It’s a supplement to the Subjects module, called “Advanced Subject Setup”. This app is great for large schools, schools that have multiple classes for a particular subject, and plenty of other situations as well. If you’re curious about the app, here’s a quick look at it!

Admins can try Advanced Subject Setup and install it from the App Store. It can be configured to allow certain users access to the additional menus, too.

Find this app in the App Store under School Administrator Apps
Find this app in the App Store under School Administrator Apps

The app blends into the Subjects (or Courses) module very cleanly, so it’s easy to use alongside the main module itself.Read More »

CALPADS State Reporting

There’s a great new app in the QuickSchools app storeCALPADS state reporting! This app is for California, US schools to submit their required student and teacher data reports to the Department of Education.

Here’s a look at the QuickSchools app. The app supports both student and teacher data tracking in a similar format.

Student and teacher data can both be updated in one place.

Individual or all records can be selected for reporting.

Report archives can be viewed at any time.
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Host Families App

There’s a great new app in the app store for schools that need to manage host families for students. It’s especially great for schools that have exchange students.

Admins can install the app from the App Store link.

The app lets you track a list of families that have space to accommodate a student over a particular timeframe. Any family can be entered into the system, which means teachers, staff, and other people connected to the school can volunteer as host families for students.

The app allows you to manage records for host families, their availability, and see the history of when students stayed with them.

Keep a database of host families

Planned accommodations for students can also be viewed and edited from the app.Read More »

The Lunchroom App

The Lunchroom app is one of our most popular apps, as it’s a fantastic way to track student lunches and lunch payments. Separate from the Fee Tracking module, Lunchroom is tailored to the needs of a school cafeteria.

Lunchroom supports tracking different lunches and extra items, entering fees based on lunch items, and resetting the balance at the end of semester or rolling it over to the next term. After parents send the school a payment for lunchroom purchases, the payment can be added directly to the student’s record, and a complete history is also visible from within the app.

Main lunch offerings can be configured in one of the menus and then quickly added to the student’s record.Read More »