Google Classroom Integration Improvements

With the increasing demand for Online Learning features, so has our support for integration to Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom improved. It is our philosophy to make incremental but frequent improvements to the QuickSchools offering. Here we discuss some of the recent improvements to the Google Classroom Integration App. These include:

  • Time-Out for Manual Sync (Aug 17 Release)
  • Viewing / Excluding Archived Courses (Sept 7 Release)
  • Handling Unmarked Assignments (Sept 7 Release)

Time-Out for Manual Sync

Previously, when manually synchronizing the Gradebooks, you would get real-time feedback on the status of the run:

Manual Sync for the Google Classroom Integration App

However, this process was limited by the browser time-out of 5 min. What we opted to do in the August 17 Release was to extend the timeout to 30-min. This was done by changing the function to run in the background (no more pop-up on completion of synchronization):

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Online Forms: Electronic Signature

As most of you know, our Online Forms App allows you to add Fillable PDF Forms to your online form packet. To further allow your forms to go paperless, the online forms also allows users to add their electronic signature into the pdf form. This is useful for situations where you need a contract signed by the students as well as by the school.

Setting up Online Forms Signature

If you have not yet installed the Online Forms App in your QuickSchools account, you can do so via our App Store — search for Online Forms and click on Install

Once the app has been installed and configured, we would need to enable SVG for the online forms. This will allow Cross-Browser Compatibility and allow you to add digital signatures to the form. This is currently a hidden feature. To have this enabled please send us an email at

After SVG has been enabled for your account, we can now start setting up our Online Form Packet. Please note that when configuring the Online Form Packet, enable the One Form per Child option. This will allow parents to send a form per child, and allows any mapped information to be automatically filled (i.e. Student Data):

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Style Your Embedded Admissions Form for Your School Website

The QuickSchools embedded admissions form can be customized to match your school website’s style. You can change the fonts, colors, input field or size. You just need to modify the embed code after you add it to your site. Some knowledge of HTML and CSS is required.

Customizing your embedded forms will leave a good impression and sense of security to your visitors, with inquiries and application forms that look just like the rest of your website.

You can style your embedded form in two ways:

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Attendance Not Yet Taken

We wanted to briefly discuss how the Attendance module works in QuickSchools, and what happens when a teacher does NOT take (or has not taken) attendance on a designated school day. In these cases, the student attendance record will be greyed out for the period, and reports will show that attendance is “Not yet taken” for that day/period.

Attendance Calendar on the Student record with attendance “Not Yet Taken”

Taking attendance for the first time

School days are added to the attendance calendar in real-time, when attendance is taken for the first time on any particular day. So for example, you can set up holidays and school days in the Attendance Calendar (under “New Semester Setup”), but the system will not actually designate a date as a school day until attendance is taken that day. 

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Parent Portal Features

If you have yet to enable the Parent Portal for your QuickSchools account, you’re missing out! This article describes some of the features offered via the QuickSchools Parent Portal:

Information at a Glance

From the Home page, parents can quickly see recent activity like recent attendance, grades, homework assignments and disciplinary incidents. Events are listed on the right, and the Parent Message Board is at the bottom of the screen. Parents can click on the various elements to view more information.

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Subject-Specific Criteria for QuickSchools Report Cards

Most Quickschools Report Cards simply display marks and/or letter grades for each subject being evaluated. But some schools want to show evaluations based on additional criteria.

Three Four Galore Sample
Alvin DeSilva’s Report Card with Subject Specific Criteria

In the example above, we’ve created a report card for Alvin DeSilva using the “Three Four Galore” Report Card template. Alvin is taking English and Math. And under English, you’ll notice that he also received evaluations for Reading, Writing and Speaking. You can configure your own criteria for specific subjects, as this article describes.

STEP 1: Select an Appropriate Report Card Template

The first step is to select a Report Card template that has a section for “Subject-Specific Criteria”. If you go to the “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards” menu, you can click on “Change Template” to select a different report card template. The selected template will appear on the left, with configuration elements on the right. Look for the “Subject-Specific Criteria” section on the report card.

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Apps for LMS Integration

QuickSchools has several apps that integrate to an external LMS. Although there are slight differences in the functionality for each app, the overall approach and style is very similar.

Gradebook Sync

The primary goal of the Integration App is to pull the latest Gradebook data from the external LMS into QuickSchools. This is essentially an import, and no changes are made to the external LMS during this process. However, the synchronization process also includes changes in enrollment. So if you add a student to a course and add grades for that student in the external LMS, or if you remove a student from a course, the integration will automatically enroll or unenroll the student accordingly, in order to match the local QuickSchools Gradebook with the external LMS.

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Online Learning V1

QuickSchools has traditionally been a Student Information System (SIS), not a Learning Management System (LMS). However, there has always been some overlap (i.e. Gradebook). But given the changing times, and a strong need for all schools to have an online learning capability, we’ve decided to beef up our in-house support for Online Learning. We may not be as full-featured as many of the big players out there, like Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, Odysseyware and Ignitia (all of which we do integrate with), but there’s a lot to be said about having a simple core set of features that works seamlessly with an SIS. 

New Assignments module as part of Online Learning capability

So here we’d like to outline some of these features, that make up the Online Learning experience within QuickSchools:

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