Online Payments

Quickschools allows parents and students to pay for their fees online. They can pay for their tuition fees, uniforms, books, etc. basically any charge you set for the students. All they have to do is to log in to Parent Portal (for parents) or Student Portal (for students) to make payment using their credit card. To enable the Online Payments feature, click here.

We use the service called for online payments. You simply have to sign up with Stripe via Fee Tracking to use our online payment facility:

quickschools online payments feature
Set up your Stripe account with Quickschools via Online Payments tab under Fee Tracking

To see if Stripe is available in your country, click here.

After setting up your Stripe account with Quickschools, parents should be able to pay online via parent portal. The same goes for students via student portal if Online Payments has been enabled for them.

Parent Portal page where parents can initiate online payment.

Payments made by parents will automatically reflect in Quickschools under Online Payments tab:

It will also appear in the student’s account under Family Billing/Student Billing:

Let us know if you have questions, come chat with us!

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