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Did you know that you can build apps / modules as well as integrations with QuickSchools? To do this, you’ll need to enable the App Developer Console in QuickSchools. You can enable this feature by scrolling down to the bottom of the Settings / Features page:

Enable App Developer Console for building Apps in QuickSchools

There are 3 options available under the “App Developer Console” which can be enabled:

Configure Access to the App Developer Console as well as API Keys and OAuth

App Development

For App Development, you can use the App Developer Console to build new apps / modules specifically for your account. We also have sample code that is readily available for your review. Just click on the “Clone Sample App” button, which will create a sample “Lunchroom” app for your account:

App Developer Console in QuickSchools

There are various resources available to build your own app. The QuickSchools framework also includes a persistence layer called Metis. For more information, please check out the online documentation available below:

API Keys

You can use this screen to generate new API Keys to be used with external systems like Zapier. 

View / Add API Keys in QuickSchools

API Keys are essentially credentials used by systems to authenticate. Be sure to keep this information safe. If you intend to integrate with multiple systems, we recommend separate API keys for each system. And you can generate new keys as needed as well.

OAuth Credentials

You can use this screen to register an External App for OAuth Authentication:

Register External Applications for OAuth Credentials to QuickSchools

OAuth Credentials are rarely used, since they are typically used by vendors who host their own set of schools/accounts. Vendors can use OAuth to connect and authenticate specific users/accounts in their system with users/schools in QuickSchools.

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