Style Your Embedded Admissions Form for Your School Website

The QuickSchools embedded admissions form can be customized to match your school website’s style. You can change the fonts, colors, input field or size. You just need to modify the embed code after you add it to your site. Some knowledge of HTML and CSS is required.

Customizing your embedded forms will leave a good impression and sense of security to your visitors, with inquiries and application forms that look just like the rest of your website.

You can style your embedded form in two ways:

1. Easy Embed

Everything is in the embedded form, no need to create a separate page for the confirmation message. You can style the form by editing the JavaScript and CSS of your web page. 

2. Advanced Embed

Use the Advanced Embed method if you want to get fancy with your form. You have full control of how the form appears in your school’s website. You can rearrange the fields and style.

Depending on your familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, customizing your forms should be a breeze. If not, you can always ask your IT department for help.

Please see How to Style The Embedded Admissions Form for step by step instructions.

To learn more on embedding your admissions form, please check out How To Embed Inquiries And Applications On Your Website.

If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to us via live chat or at 

Enjoy styling your embedded form!

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