What makes our Report Cards Special

The Report Cards module within QuickSchools has been a labor of love since we launched over 10 years ago. QuickSchools provides the flexibility for schools to quickly and easily customize their own beautiful report cards from our existing library of templates. And for schools that need a little something extra, we can build new templates that fit your needs exactly.

We wanted to highlight a few key features that make QuickSchools different from our competitors.

Extensive Library of Report Card Templates

We have a library of templates to choose from, each with its own use case: 

quickschools report card templates
QuickSchools Library of Report Card Templates

We have templates that handle various scenarios, including:

Don’t see a template you like? Send us a sample of what you’d like your report cards to look like, and we can recommend one to you. We may have a hidden template that we can simply share with you. If you have something completely unique, we can build new templates to specification for a fee.

Different Templates for Different Scenarios

You can use different templates for different scenarios. For example, you could produce a monthly Progress Report, followed by an end of term report card, both with different templates. 

You can also apply different templates for different grade levels, or use the same template but configured differently.

Configurable and Customizable Templates

Once a template is selected, you can hide unneeded sections, relabel fields, and even change the colors.

how to edit your quickschools report card
Relabel Fields that appear in your selected Report Card Template

customize your quickschools report card
Change the colors for your selected Report Card Template

Add Additional Standards / Criteria

There are various ways to add criteria to your report cards. You can use the Subject-Based Criteria to directly add new fields to specific subjects. This includes both text fields and dropdowns.

There is a similar option to add new fields that are not specific to a subject (for example, for Conduct or Citizenship). 

For those using the Standards-Based Gradebook, you configure standards to appear directly in the Report Cards as well. These fields would be automatically filled based on grades saved in the Standards Based Gradebook.

Visually Intuitive Interface for Report Cards

Use the Report Cards menu to see how the report cards look like BEFORE printing anything. You can make changes directly to the report cards, by clicking on fields, and updating them. You can even hide subjects that you don’t need.

make changes directly on the report card itself
Make changes to a student report card by clicking on fields and updating them

Build in Private and Reuse Customizations

Use the “Test Mode” feature to build your report cards privately, and only publish them to teachers once you’re happy with the final configuration. You can also copy the setup from previous sessions as well:

how to set up a quickschools report card
Create new Report Card sessions by copy a previous Set-up, and use Test Mode for testing

Powerful Features

Finally, we have powerful features that make producing the final report cards a breeze:

All-in-all, QuickSchools offers a very robust templating engine for Report Cards. Experience it for yourself, and chat in with any questions or suggestions. We look forward to seeing you online!

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