New Release – Dec 13, 2021

As we approach the end of the calendar year, our engineering team is focusing on general framework and infrastructure improvements, as well as miscellaneous bug fixes. We’re also continuing to make improvements to Alpha and Beta features for next year, like our Learning Management System (LMS), the Dashboard and Audit Trail.

quickschools gradebook

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Hide Courses that are not offered in Step 4
  • Fix loading of Days and Frequency and Weekly Schedule is configured
  • Hide SIS-related fields when SIS is disabled

LMS Framework Improvements (Alpha)

  • My Workspace Chat
  • Online Testing

General (Functional) Improvements

  • Integrate Final Grade from the Standards-Based Gradebook (SBG) to Transcripts
  • Ability to bulk sync Gradebook with Report Cards prior to locking (see below)
  • Improve support for Scale Score in Gradebook Templates (see below)
  • New Date Filter when Bulk Print Gradebook PDF (see below)
  • New Search for Teacher Documents
  • Show latest submission when reviewing/grading Assignments
  • Label for Sign-In / Sign-Out App
  • Support Capacity in Subject Importer
  • Remove white space from Student Number when calling Student API Resource
  • Support sync grades from Odysseyware / Ignitia based on Academic Semester Start/End Dates
  • Automatically update student full name when format is changed 
  • Reduce logo size in footer

General Bug Fixes and System Improvements

  • Fix Attendance Taken for Homeroom when Alternate Homeroom Teacher is enabled
  • Fix limit on student list in Montessori App
  • Properly delete subject enrollments where student is permanently deleted
  • Improvements to EMail Messaging via MailGun
  • Improve security for generated PDFs
  • Add Support for Start Date for Announcements

Other Private Beta Improvements

  • Improve KPI widget for Dashboard
  • Hide Attendance from Restricted Dates
  • Self-Enrollment Improvements
    • Improve how limits are handled
    • Option to Hide Self-Enrollment limits in instructions
  • Limit Enrollment by Capacity from Students listing
  • New importer for student usernames and passwords

Bulk Sync Gradebook with Report Cards

If you need to run reports on Report Cards prior to locking/publishing, and you have a hard time getting all your teachers to Submit Grades from Gradebook, we have a new feature that allows admins to pull the grades from all Gradebooks into the Report Cards. Check out the new “Sync Grades” button, available when you “Manage” Report Cards:

Ability to bulk sync Gradebook with Report Cards prior to locking

This process will run in the background, since it can take several minutes to run depending on the complexity of your Report Card template, and the number of active students you have in your report card session.

Scale Score in Gradebook Templates

When editing a Gradebook Template, there is now a column to specify the Scale Score functionality:

Scale Score in Gradebook Templates

This feature is only available if you’ve enabled the Scale Score feature in the “Report Cards” module on the Settings Page:

scale scores

For more info on Scale Scores, check out this article:

Bulk Print Gradebook by Date

When printing the Gradebook PDF in mass, you now have the option to select a date range:

bulk print gradebook by date

The generated PDF will only display gradebook assignments from within the selected date range.

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