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So it’s the end of term, and your report cards are locked and published. How can you get the report cards generated in your QuickSchools account into the hands of your parents / students, especially if they’re not using the Parent Portal or Student Portal?

We introduced the ability to bulk email report cards back in October 2018. So we thought we’d highlight it again here, since it’s quite a useful tool. All you have to do is, from the main Report Cards listing, select all the report cards you want to email out, and then select “Email Report Card” from the menu:

Email Report Cards to parents or students in bulk

The system will prompt you for confirmation, so you don’t send it out accidentally:

Confirm report cards to be emailed to parents / students

The report cards will be sent out to parents or students based on how your account is configured.

Status of emailed report cards

Some things to note about this functionality:

Email Template

You can configure the email that gets sent out to parents. Remember that the settings are saved between sessions. So you should review the configured template before sending out new emails.

Configure the Email Template used to generate emails that are sent out with Report Cards

Email History

You can view all the emails that were sent out, and who they were sent to:

View History of Report Cards sent via Email

Clicking on an entry will show you the actual email that was sent:

Detailed history of report card email sent to parents / students

Do let us know if you have any further comments or suggestions for this feature.

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