QuickSchools.com Next Generation: Out Soon!

Since last year when we launched QuickSchools.com, we’ve been observing the kinds of schools that have been using our system, and the experience schools go through as they use our system. Out of these certain patterns have emerged, and we’re understanding the market better and better every single day.

We’ve made a big conclusion, and we think this is worth sharing with you. Let’s see if you agree with the following:

  • The other school management systems available on the market are great. They’re chock-full of features, and they’ve been designed to handle everything from grades to lunches to seating arrangements.
  • Smaller schools, however, don’t need those endless lists of features. They don’t have time to set up and operate a complicated system. They do, however, have a few key activities that would benefit greatly from a system. And for those features, they want a clean & simple solution that works.
  • Finally, those other school management systems are not priced and structured for smaller schools. For example, they typically have fixed set-up costs running into the thousands of dollars. They also take weeks to set up and install. Time that smaller schools simply don’t have.

QuickSchools.com however has been perfectly structured for smaller schools, those with less than 300 students.¬†And so this is the positioning that QuickSchools.com will take: We’re the perfect fit for smaller schools, from a pricing perspective (monthly subscriptions), a setup perspective (you can be up and running in a day) and the software perspective.

However, we’re not satisfied resting on our laurels. We’ve been hard at work going through every single step in the user experience, and we’ve been sculpting the user experience so that you have a fantastic fully-online experience with QuickSchools.com.

This is QuickSchools.com next generation – watch out for it, we’ll be making announcements shortly!

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