Subject-Specific Criteria for QuickSchools Report Cards

Most Quickschools Report Cards simply display marks and/or letter grades for each subject being evaluated. But some schools want to show evaluations based on additional criteria.

Three Four Galore Sample
Alvin DeSilva’s Report Card with Subject Specific Criteria

In the example above, we’ve created a report card for Alvin DeSilva using the “Three Four Galore” Report Card template. Alvin is taking English and Math. And under English, you’ll notice that he also received evaluations for Reading, Writing and Speaking. You can configure your own criteria for specific subjects, as this article describes.

STEP 1: Select an Appropriate Report Card Template

The first step is to select a Report Card template that has a section for “Subject-Specific Criteria”. If you go to the “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards” menu, you can click on “Change Template” to select a different report card template. The selected template will appear on the left, with configuration elements on the right. Look for the “Subject-Specific Criteria” section on the report card.

Select Template copy
Choose a Report Card Template with a Subject-Specific Criteria section

STEP 2: Turn on Subject-Specific Criteria

The next step is to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the “Setup Report Cards” screen, and make sure the Subject-Specific Criteria module is turned on. Just click on the “Turn it on” link.

Turn on Criteria
Turning on Subject-Specific Criteria

Once the module is turned on, you will see a new “Setup Subject-Specific Criteria” sub-menu appear next to “Setup Report Cards”. Clicking on it will show the screen below. You’ll notice that this module has 2 sections. The top section shows all the subject templates, while the bottom section shows all subjects, and the subject templates assigned to those subjects.

Subject-Specific Criteria Tab
Screen for Setup Subject-Specific Criteria

Step 3: Create / Configure Subject-Specific Template

To create a new template, just click on “Add Subject Template”. On the pop-up, you can create additional text fields or dropdowns. Here’s what it might look like:

English Subject Template copy
Creating a Subject Template for the Subject-Specific Criteria

Step 4: Assign Template to Subjects

Once you have created a few subject templates, you can then use the table below to assign these templates to specific subjects. Just click on the third column next to the subject name. A dropdown will appear. Then select a subject template from the dropdown.

Assign Template
Select a Subject-Template for a Subject


And that’s pretty much it. Most of our Report Card Templates support Subject-Specific Criteria. And we have many templates to choose from. If you need help choosing a template, feel free to send us a sample of what you’d like your report cards to look like, and we can recommend one for you.

Here’s the complete guide: Report Cards: Subject-Specific Criteria. Come chat with us if you need help with anything.

Finally, just remember, our Report Cards module is one of the most robust and most customizable modules in the world. We also support transferring of grades from a Standards-Based Gradebook, which is something else altogether. And if you have a unique design for your report cards, we can custom build a new template for you too.

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