Creating New Report Cards

Report Card season is coming around. If you’ve previously set up report cards on QuickSchools, here are some quick pointers on how to configure new sessions based on your previous settings:

Creating a new session

To create a new session, simply go to “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards” and click on the “Create New” link:

From there, you’ll just need to fill in the form. In particular, if you want to copy settings from a previous session, you can set the “Copy Setup From” field to a previously configured session:

NOTE: By default, when you create a new session, teachers will automatically get access to the session, in order to start filling in grades. Use the “Test Mode” feature to limit access to the report cards to specific users, in the event you want to make changes to the customization before allowing full access to teachers.

Setting the Sequence for Multi-Term Report Cards

In most cases, even for multi-term report cards, the system should be smart enough to figure out which column to fill for any given term. But if you have a complex arrangement of progress reports and end-of-term report cards, you may need to manually set the “Sequence” for the report card

The sequence number explicitly designates which columns to fill on a multi-term report card. To get to this screen, you’ll need to click on the “Manage” link (also under “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards”), and then click on the “Edit” link for the particular report card session:

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our support team via chat or email.

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