Locking/Publishing Report Cards

The first time you create a new QuickSchools Report Card set, they are not accessible in the student or parent portals. After all, recently created report cards need time to be filled and reviewed. Once the report card set is locked, and no further changes can be made, they are ready to be published online for parents and students to view.

Once you are satisfied with your report card set, you can lock it:

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This will make it so that the report cards are no longer editable, if a teacher needs to make changes to a report card an admin will need to unlock the report card set before any changes can be made:

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Upon locking the report card set the system will automatically publish all report cards to the student and parent portals. If you want to prevent certain parents from viewing report cards online you can do so by simply deactivating the students report card, see details here – Hide Report Card from Student/Parent Portal

If a report card set was locked inadvertently we have function that will allow you to sync any updates that were made to grades after the fact see more here: Clear Locked Values

We also have a “History” link connected to each report card set that tracks any changes, you can use this link to see when and who locked a report card set:

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IMPORTANT! One final note, when you create a new report card session, by default the system locks and published the previous session.

We have a new beta feature that allows you to turn off the auto locking function, this will give you the ability to work on multiple sessions at once. Please chat in with us if you find that you need this turned on in your account.


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