Updating Published Report Cards

So you’ve published your report cards, and enabled access for users to view the report cards from the Parent and Student Portals on QuickSchools. Someone spots a mistake, and now you need to update the grades. This article describes the process of updating report cards AFTER report cards have been locked.

We will be going over the following scenarios:

  • The Basics: Manually updating grades
  • Re-submitting grades from the Gradebook
  • Clear Locked Values
  • Selectively migrate calculated values

The Basics: Manually updating grades

What happens when you lock the report cards?

IMPORTANT: Report cards are designed to PULL data from supporting modules like the Attendance and Gradebook modules. This happens when you (1) OPEN an individual report card for the first time, or (2) LOCK the report cards for the first time.

Once you have locked the report cards for the first time, the system will no longer pull data from the supporting modules. This means that you can safely unlock report cards, make changes to any individual report cards, and then lock them up again.

TIP: If you click on the “History” link for a particular Report Card session, the screen will show when the report cards where locked/unlocked, and by which user:

Manually updating grades in the Report Cards will NOT update the corresponding modules where the information would typically originate from. So for example, if you update a students Math grade from 80 to 90 in the Report Cards, this would be independent of the students Math grade in the Gradebook. Ideally, the Gradebook grades would match the Report Cards, but this would need to be managed manually after locking.

Re-Submitting Grades from the Gradebook

In some cases, you may have realized after locking your report cards, that one or more of your teachers had not updated his/her gradebook with the correct Final Grade calculations. As a result, the grades that were pulled from the Gradebook are incorrect. Do you need to update each grade individually in the report cards?

There is actually a new “Submit to Report Cards” function that was introduced in September 2019 as a beta feature, and later refined. You can enable this feature by configuring the Gradebook module:

Once enabled, you’ll see a new “Submit to Report Cards” button in the Gradebook, just above the table of students:

The button allows the teacher to PUSH the grades from the Gradebook to the Report Cards. This button will only appear if the Report Card session is unlocked.

Clear Locked Values

IMPORTANT: “Clear Locked Values” is a restricted feature that is enabled upon request, and should be used with caution.

The “Clear Locked Values” feature was created early on as a mechanism to refresh all grades in the Report Cards. This feature allows you to remove ALL locked values in the report cards, allowing you to PULL data from supporting modules again, as if locking the report cards for the first time. This should be used with caution, especially for mid term report cards, since you may inadvertently overwrite the correct grades, with updated grades intended for a future date.

For the most part, schools using the numeric Gradebook can use the previously discussed “Submit to Report Cards” feature to manage changes to locked Report Card grades. But for schools using the Standards-Based Gradebook, the “Clear Locked Values” will likely continue to be the primary method for updating grades in bulk.

Selectively migrate calculated values

IMPORTANT: “Selectively migrate calculated values” is a restricted feature linked to “Clear locked values”. Enabling the latter will enable the former. Both features should be used with caution.

The “Selectively migrate calculated values” feature is a specialized version of “Clear locked values” that targets specific fields within the Report Cards. For example, you may want to only update the GPA fields, but not the marks and grades. This feature requires that you know the special identifier or keyword used to identify the field that is being re-calculated. Please contact support if you’re interested in this feature.

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