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Looking for a quick and easy way to announce or send messages to all your students and parents about an upcoming event or activity? Well, look no further than the Messaging module in QuickSchools.

Send Emails via the Messaging Module

There are systems out there that focus purely on messaging capabilities. However, with these standalone systems, you have to manage your recipients separately, through a complicated process of exporting and importing contact info between systems. With QuickSchools, everything is integrated. That means that you can send out messages easily by grade level, by homeroom, or by subject/course. You can even create your own recipient lists for things like the parent council, school-related clubs or committees, and so on. And contact information is always kept current by the student information system (SIS).

The Mass Messaging module was one of the first modules developed as a core feature of QuickSchools, and comes included with our highly recommended Apollo Plan. Released back in 2009, the module has undergone many improvements over the years. Not only can you send messages via email, but we support Text Messaging and Voice Messaging too (although text and voice messaging incur an additional cost).

When it comes to messaging, QuickSchools does more

In additional to the Mass Messaging module, QuickSchools has messaging built into other modules of the system, to improve communications between teachers, students and parents:

  • Private Messaging – Teachers, students and parents can communicate privately via our Private Messaging module.
  • Class Discussion – When posting messaging to the Class Discussions board, teachers can include an email notification to student and parents linked to the subject/course.
  • Parent Message Board – School administrators can send a school-wide message to all parents via the Parent Messaging Board on the Parent Portal
  • Teachers Lounge – Teachers can communicate with each other via the Teachers Lounger, to discuss school-related topics.

Here are some other tips for engaging parents via QuickSchools.

For information about our messaging capabilities, please feel free to chat in, and leave a comment below.

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