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QuickSchools has traditionally been a Student Information System (SIS), not a Learning Management System (LMS). However, there has always been some overlap (i.e. Gradebook). But given the changing times, and a strong need for all schools to have an online learning capability, we’ve decided to beef up our in-house support for Online Learning. We may not be as full-featured as many of the big players out there, like Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, Odysseyware and Ignitia (all of which we do integrate with), but there’s a lot to be said about having a simple core set of features that works seamlessly with an SIS. 

New Assignments module as part of Online Learning capability
New Assignments module as part of Online Learning capability

So here we’d like to outline some of these features, that make up the Online Learning experience within QuickSchools:

Class Discussions

We discussed in a previous article how the Class Discussions are a central point for online learning, where students within a class can collaborate and discuss topics. Students are automatically linked based on the courses they are enrolled in.

Assignments (Private Beta)

Previously known as the “Homework” module, the new Assignments module now supports submissions from students via the Student Portal. This module will continue to be enhanced to include Online Grading, and Discussions. Since this module is still in Private Beta, you’ll need to request access from our support team.

Live Streaming (Private Beta)

You can now link your QuickSchools account with a Zoom account in order to allow teachers to easily schedule online meetings with their students. This module is also in Private Beta.

Private Messaging

With all the ways teachers can communicate with students in a class setting, you still need ways for students and teachers to engage privately. And the Private Messaging feature does the trick well. You can also display a Teacher Directory on the Student Portal.

Student Message Board (Coming Soon)

We currently have a Parent Messaging Board for schools to make announcements to parents via the Parent Portal. We’ll be extending this to include the Student Portal soon.

Everything else SIS

And of course, each module within the SIS has elements and features designed to communicate with the student. This includes:

  • Attendance Comments
  • Gradebook Comments
  • Report Cards
  • Disciplinary Incidents
  • Fees
  • Add-On Apps (like the Library App)

All-in-all, students should have a great online learning experience with QuickSchools. We’ll continue to refine and improve based on your feedback. So please let us know how we’re doing, and what you’d like us to pursue next. 

Stay safe!

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