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This past summer, we made some tremendous improvements to our Online Forms module. Many thanks to some of our new public school districts for their insight into further improving this module. We’ll be featuring these new improvements on our blog in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned to check out the enhanced online forms.

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But as a preview, we’d like to briefly highlight some of these new changes:

Online Form tab on the Student record

You now have the option of displaying completed and submitted form packets directly on the student record. That way, as you’re reviewing the student data, you have a holistic view on submitted forms like Media Opt Out, Technology Use, and Emergency Contact Forms.

Auto-Populated Fields

When creating Online Forms that reference existing student data, fields will be auto-populated. So when a parent goes to fill in the form for the first time, known fields (like name, address, and birth date) can be pre-populated, saving parents time. Parents will love you for this!

Copy / Archive Form Packets

When moving from year to year, instead of creating new form packets, you can simply archive and copy over the existing form packets. This is a great time saver. And, for parents filling in the forms again for the following year, they have the option of copying over the data from the previously submitted form packet.

Form Status Checker

For important form packets that absolutely require parents to submit online, we now have a few “Form Status Checker” features that allow you to either (1) remind the parent via a pop-up on the Parent Portal with a custom message about the Form Packet that is due, or (2) force parents to complete and submit any outstanding form packets by restricting their access to the rest of the Parent Portal. With the second option, parents will not be able to review the student record until the outstanding Form Packet is completed and submitted.

These are just SOME of the new features that we released this past summer. We’ll be showcasing them on our blog in the coming weeks. Full documentation on each feature will also be available on our support site.

As always, we look forward to suggestions and feedback. Feel free to post a comment, or chat with us online.

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