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Private Messaging vs. Mass Messaging

September 20, 2013

By the way, we’ve just released an update on QuickSchools, and Private Messaging now supports attachments. And as you know, when you send a private message to a parent or teacher, it also sends out an email to the parent / teacher. And with attachment support, the email notification will also include the attachment as well. Nice, huh?

So what’s the difference between Mass Messaging and Private Messaging? They both send out emails to parents and teachers. They both support attachments? You can also send private messages to groups of people, just as you can with mass messaging.

Private Messaging for Teachers

Private Messaging for Teachers

The difference is simply this: Private messaging is available and intended for all users, to communicate privately with others, while Mass messaging is intended for specific people within the school to broadcast messages (usually announcements) to groups of people:

Private Messaging

Mass Messaging

Available to all users Available to specific users
Only sender and recipients can see messages All users with access to Mass Messaging can see all messages sent via Mass Messaging
Recipient can view history of Private Messages on QuickSchools as well as via email. Recipient can only view messages via email.
Recipients can respond via Private Message Recipient can only respond via email.

Private messaging and Mass messaging are not the only options when communicating with parents. We recently discussed passive portal-based communication for parents, which include Gradebook Comments, the Parent Message Board, and even Online Class Discussions. Many of our modules also contain an email component, just like our Discipline Module. In the coming weeks, we’ll be improving the way parents and teachers can communicate, especially when it comes to subjects and courses. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please continue to share your thoughts with us. We look forward to your comments and feedback.

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