The Case for Importing Fees

Collecting fees is an important part of the school operations. And although QuickSchools provides an integrated way to collect fees online via Stripe, many schools choose to collect fees via their own payment gateway. When doing this, keeping both systems in sync can be a challenge. So here’s what you can do:

First off, you can use the “Outstanding Balances by Student (For Export)Summary Report to export all outstanding balances out of QuickSchools in Excel format. Simply search for “Outstanding”, and you should see it:

importing reports with quickschools
Outstanding Balances by Student (For Export) Report

You should hopefully be able to import the outstanding balances back into your payment gateway, and then charge your students/parents based on the new outstanding balances. Successful payments should create payment transactions (i.e. receipts) within your external system. Finally, you can then export all the payment transactions, and re-import them back into QuickSchools.

student billing with quickschools
Import Fees into QuickSchools

If you’re using an external system to manage all payments and fees, and you simply want to display all fees and payments in QuickSchools via the Student and Parent Portal, you could import all transactions as well, but this is a different scenario.

Setting it Up

Fee Tracking Importer was moved out of Private Beta with the recent release on June 13. To turn it on, simply go to the “Settings” page, and click on “Configure” for “School Fees Tracking”. There is a section for “Who can import fees and payments”:

school fees tracking

For more information on how to import fees, check out our sample file and support article:

Please feel free to reach our to our support staff for help as well. We look forward to hearing from you.

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