Tracking Late Arrivals and Early Dismissals

There are times when the school needs to track when students arrive late to school, or when they leave early. In most cases, you can use the Sign-In/Sign-Out app in QuickSchools, which works like a kiosk for signing in students on premise. If you want students/parents to notify the school of late arrivals or early dismissals from their portal, then the Online Forms app might be the better way forward.

Submitting Forms

Here’s an example of how you can use the Online Forms to allow parents to notify the school about late arrivals and early dismissals. A parent simply needs to log into his/her account and fill out the form every time their child comes in late or needs to leave early.

The form can be as simple as the example form below. The parent will fill out a few fields then submit the form.

Parents can use the same link to submit the same form over and over again, for different days, or for different students.

Reviewing Submissions

As an administrator, you can be notified via email whenever a form is submitted. You just need to add the appropriate emails when configuring the Notification Emails:

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Sending Homework to Teachers

As more and more schools go virtual in today’s changing climate, students need a way to submit homework assignments to their teachers online. Quickschools is still building a dedicated homework submission feature. But for the interim, students can use the Private Messaging feature to submit their work. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to Quickschools and go to Directory tab
  2. Search for the teacher then click the “Send Message” link across the teacher’s name
  3. Write a message, attach the homework and click Send

To view all private messages, just click the mailbox icon next to your name on top of the page:

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Accessing Homework from Student / Parent Portal

After logging into the Student Portal, students can immediately see recently posted homework assignments from the main Student Updates board that appears on the QuickSchools Home page.

Parents can see a similar page on the Parent Portal:

Note that posted homeworks will only appear under Student Updates for two days after it was posted, and two days before its due date.

If the homework no longer appears under Student Updates, this is how you can access it:

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Chinese Language Support

Quickschools has rolled out support for the Chinese language, as we see the number of users who know Chinese continue to grow on our system.

To change your user interface to Chinese: please log in to Quickschools, click Language at the bottom of the page, then select Simplified Chinese in the drop-down:

The user interface will then be translated to Chinese:

Let us know your experience! We’d be glad to hear your feedback. 

What language do you want us to support next? Please let us know!

Online Form Reports

Quickschools is now including several new Summary Reports for the Online Forms app:

  • Missing Online Forms
  • Online Form Submissions
  • Paid Online Form Submissions

Please note, you can still generate your own custom reports using the Report Creator app.

The Online Form app is often used for online student re-registration. During this process, administrators need visibility into students who have NOT submitted the re-registration forms, so they can follow up with students and/or parents before the due date. Administrators can also use the report to track existing entries, including students who have started but have not submitted their forms. The reports below provide these information:

  • Missing Online Forms – lists students who haven’t submitted the forms for a particular Form Packet.
  • Online Form Submissions – lists the students who have started and/or submitted forms for a particular Form Packet

The Online Forms app also allows schools to collect fees on submission, and the Paid Online Form Submissions report lists payment information for each submission.

To enable these reports, just go to MY APPS and click Configure in the Online Forms app. Enter the role or user who can access the reports.

Once enabled, users can go to the Reports tab to run the Online Form reports.

Importing Attendance (Beta)

Our new Attendance Importer allows you to import attendance records into your QuickSchools account. Whether migrating from another system or if you just want to centralize your historical attendance records, this tool allows you to upload attendance data for multiple students at once.

The attendance importer lets you import attendance from an excel file:

Still in beta, we’d be glad to make it available for you if you need it. Just send us an email at

For more information, please check out our support article: Importing Attendance.

If you’d like us to import attendance data for you, we’d be happy to assist. Feel free to send us an email so we can review your request.

Entering Historical Grades

Entering historical grades may be necessary if you’re transitioning to Quickschools. We have import tools to make this easier for you. Our import tools allow you to import data from an excel file.


The following data should already be in the system before you enter historical grades:

Here we discuss the final 2 steps to enter historical grades:

  • Import subject enrollments
  • Import grades


See Import Subject Enrollment for detailed instructions.

Turning on this feature enables it for admin users. Should you need a non-admin user to have an access, please send us an email at


There are two ways to import grades to the system:

  • Import per gradebook
  • Import for multiple gradebooks (beta)

Import Per Gradebook

You can populate a gradebook with multiple columns at once using our Import tool. The columns represent entries like assignment, quizzes, exams, etc. Once enabled, this feature is available for all teachers. See Gradebook Import for instructions.

Import for Multiple Gradebooks (beta)

This tool allows you to import grades for multiple subjects at once. Please email us at if you need access to this importer.

For schools who just need to show final grades for Transcripts, they may do so by importing solely the student final grades. The final grade automatically appears in the student
Report Cards, as well as Transcripts.

Please note that this procedure is only applicable for subject grade marks. This does not apply on subjects that use subject criteria to grade students.

We’d love to hear from you, please chat with us if you have questions!

Import Subject Enrollment

Quickschools allows you to import subject enrollment of students, facilitating the import of other data like grades. This is especially helpful if you are transitioning to Quickschools and you need to input historical grades and generate transcripts.

To enable the feature, go to SETTINGS > Turn Features On/Off > click Configure across Report Cards/Gradebook. Check “Enable Subject & Subject Enrollment Import” to enable the feature:

The “Import Subjects” and “Import Enrollments” buttons will now appear under Subjects > Global Subject Setup tab:


Before you can import subject enrollment, you have to import the subjects first by clicking the “Import Subjects” button.These are the fields that should be contained in your file:Read More »

Copying Grades from one Gradebook to another

QuickSchools allows teachers to copy grades from one of their gradebooks into another existing gradebook. This could be helpful if the teacher needs to merge gradebooks, or if a student moves to another class.

First, go to the Gradebook where the grades are to be copied into (i.e. the destination gradebook) and click any student name. This will bring up a window that lists all the subjects the student is enrolled in. Click the Copy button to start the copy of grades:

The ‘Copy grades’ window appears where you can add students whose grades need to be copied. You can also map the columns accordingly:

Click the Copy Grades button to initiate the copy. A popup window will appear to confirm the copy:

Review the grades then click Save to complete the process.

For more information, please click our support article here: Copy Grades From One Gradebook To Another

Role-Based User Access

Quickschools allows school administrators to granularly control access to each module. Administrators can streamline access by using roles, or provide direct access to specific users.

Using TURN FEATURES ON/OFF, you can specify which user or role/s has access to each module:

Role-based Access

Creating a role allows you to streamline user access. Assign multiple users to the same role, and then assign access to that role. Each user assigned to that role will then inherit all access given to that role. So instead of allowing access to multiple users from the Features page, you can just enter the role.

For example, in the Admissions module, instead of entering 2-3 names in the list of users, you can create an Admissions role and just enter this role when assigning access to Admissions module.

To create role/s, click SETTINGS > School Profile > School Roles:

In our example above, the Admission role has access to the Admissions module, but you can also give it access to other modules like say the Students module. So if you have a new Admission staff, simply add the user to the Admissions role and he/she will instantly have access to all assigned access, which in this example would be the Admissions and Students module.

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