How do school management systems help schools?

How do school management systems help schools

A school management system is essential for schools to run more smoothly and efficiently. Especially with a centralized platform, teachers and staff members can seamlessly collaborate and stay connected. But how exactly do school management systems help schools? 

With an SMS or also known as a student information system, schools can easily stay on top of things. Managing and tracking student records can be done effortlessly. An SMS, like QuickSchools for instance, could also streamline administrative tasks such as registration and fee payments. This will directly contribute to an increase in the school’s productivity. Additionally, an SMS can also help facilitate communication between the school and students’ families, allowing everyone to stay up-to-date on the latest school happenings. 

Let’s take a closer look at some interesting features that holistic school management systems can offer to help schools as well as other educational institutions.

Unique & Robust School Management System Features

unique school management system features

Managing Student Admission

The help of effective software can speed up the admission process. From selecting prospective students, conducting interviews, and the final onboarding process. Each student’s personal information and academic record can easily be accessed as they are all stored in one database. On top of that, these records can be easily managed and organized on the cloud. 

Improve classroom and exam management

Schools can efficiently manage courses, programs, and departments using an SMS. They can assign students and teachers to a particular course, schedule online classes, and provide learning materials.  For example, course outlines or homework and assignments can easily be uploaded by teachers and downloaded by students on the Homework page. 

These features will definitely help further improve the quality of education delivery. Scheduling, managing attendance, and making lesson plans have never been easier. 

trouble-free scheduling with an online master scheduler

Trouble-free scheduling

Further elaborating on the previous feature, schools can easily come up with a simple schedule for classes or exam week with the help of QuickSchool’s interactive Simplified Scheduler

However, if you need to handle more complex scheduling situations, we’ve got the solution for you too. Our online master scheduler is also available as a standalone product. This means that if you already have a functioning SIS, but just need a master scheduler to ease your scheduling affairs, Orchestra has got your back! Our online master schedule can complement your SIS harmoniously.

Attendance record

Regular attendance is not only essential for students to keep up with the syllabus. It is also important to build a strong classroom community. Students who attend school regularly have more opportunities to participate in discussions and socialize with their peers. It is vital for students to develop social skills from a young age for them to thrive in the future. 

However, keeping track of student attendance can be a hassle, especially if you have to do it manually. Our attendance module allows attendance to be taken with 3 different types of settings, making it simpler depending on your needs. This includes homeroom attendance, subject-based attendance, and period-based attendance. 

easily track attendance

Effective communication

A lack of effective communication can obstruct online education. A reliable SMS can be a great tool to ensure that everyone is connected, informed, and able to access the information they need quickly. 

Teachers, administrators, students, and parents can easily stay updated with school happenings. Communication with students and their parents can also be improved. By utilizing an SMS system, everyone can get the most out of their learning experience.

effective communication with parents and teachers


School management systems help schools integrate post-exam processes such as grading and report cards. Our Gradebook is a secure and convenient way to record student grades and document student progress.

Final grades calculated by the Gradebook are automatically transferred to the student’s report card, transcript, and the parent portal. This makes it even easier to track student performances and prevents possible errors or delays in the administrative transfer of student records. With a comprehensive SMS, it allows administrators, teachers, students, and their parents to get a quick, accurate, and organized depiction of student achievements in the class.

online gradebook and student report cards

Effortless fee payment system

The Fee Tracking module provides an easy way for schools to charge tuition and fees, track payments, as well as manage invoices and receipts. Additionally, schools are also able to streamline charges and payments for families.

QuickSchools offer 3 methods of collecting payment. Firstly, online payments via Stripe, online payments via ACH, and finally collecting fees via Online Forms. With QuickSchools, schools can simply create easy templates for regular invoicing to parents. Certain modules also have the ability to send bulk emails. Saves time and definitely hassle-free! 

With the help of integrated SMS software, all parties will get to benefit from a more efficient school system. Administrators and teachers will have no trouble managing student records. Students can easily access their homework and assignments, making it easy for them to be prepared. Parents on the other hand can also effortlessly monitor their child’s performance as well as keep track of their homework and activities. 

In conclusion, adopting effective software is vital because it aids in streamlining school administration with its powerful and robust features. This way, schools can keep student families happy and ensure returning students. Ready to sign up for a free trial? Experience simplicity with QuickSchools today!

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