Is QuickSchools right for you?

Do you need an affordable School Management System?

QuickSchools is extremely affordable with our basic plan starting off at just $0.99 per student per month. You can have as many teacher/staff accounts as needed, each month you only pay for the number of students you have enrolled, once a student is unenrolled you are no longer charged for them. There are NO ADDITIONAL TAXES OR FEES. You can even save up to 10% off your yearly subscription if you pay in advance. See more information here

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Looking for an SIS for a specific type of school?

Thanks to the flexibility and customizability of our software we have the ability to support many different types of schools. Currently our subscribers include K-12 schools, language schools, beauty schools, music schools, medical training centers, home schools, daycares, small colleges, after school programs and more. If you need help customizing your account for one of these schools contact our support team via Live Chat or via email at

Do you need a support team at your fingertips to help you when you need it?

Our Support Team is available via Live Chat Pop Out to help you with any of your needs. Live Chat is available all day weekdays and there is partial coverage on the weekend.

Are you interested in testing out a new SIS without having to pay anything?

You can try QuickSchools RISK-FREE by signing up for a FREE trial. To create a trial you do not need to enter any type of payment information, simply fill in 5 quick fields and you are on your way to test out the system with full access to all of our plans and features, to sign up for a FREE trial click here

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