Online Payments Reports

The Online Payments module in Quickschools is a very useful tool, especially for schools that offer classes online. Parents and students can just pay via credit card from the comfort of their homes. 

As a school administrator or a finance staff, you need to regularly track these payments. You can get the list of Online Payments by running a Summary Report called Online Payments (with Students).

school fees reports

The report lists the card holder and other information about the payment along with the student info for whom the payment is for.

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Student Navigator

There is a little-known beta feature in QuickSchools called the Student Navigator. This widget, which appears when accessing the student record, allows you to easily navigate between students alphabetically, using the Previous and Next button. You can also search for students by student number or student name, and the system filters the records (similar to an auto-complete function). 

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Transaction Fees for International Payments

Credit Cards payments always incur a transaction fee. In most cases, the transaction fee is absorbed by the merchant. So for example, if you went to an online store and purchased some shoes for $100, a portion of that transaction is kept by the payment provider as a transaction fee, typically in the realm of 3% – 5% of the total. The merchant would then only receive between $95 and $97.

When allowing parents and students to pay online in Quickschools, schools actually have the option of adding a Convenience Fee to offset the transaction fees incurred by the payment gateway. 

Configure the Online Payments module where the parent or student pays the transaction fee

So from our original example above, if you were buying shoes for $100, the system would calculate a Convenience Fee, such that the merchant would receive the original $100 that was charged. So you’d end up paying something like $104, where $4 would go to the payment gateway, and the merchant would receive the original $100 charged.

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Subject-Specific Criteria for QuickSchools Report Cards

Most Quickschools Report Cards simply display marks and/or letter grades for each subject being evaluated. But some schools want to show evaluations based on additional criteria.

Three Four Galore Sample
Alvin DeSilva’s Report Card with Subject Specific Criteria

In the example above, we’ve created a report card for Alvin DeSilva using the “Three Four Galore” Report Card template. Alvin is taking English and Math. And under English, you’ll notice that he also received evaluations for Reading, Writing and Speaking. You can configure your own criteria for specific subjects, as this article describes.

STEP 1: Select an Appropriate Report Card Template

The first step is to select a Report Card template that has a section for “Subject-Specific Criteria”. If you go to the “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards” menu, you can click on “Change Template” to select a different report card template. The selected template will appear on the left, with configuration elements on the right. Look for the “Subject-Specific Criteria” section on the report card.

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Online Payment Refunds via Stripe

Quickschools has made it easier for parents and students to pay for their school fees from their portal accounts using the Online Payments feature via integration with Stripe. In some cases, after parents have paid via credit card, the school may need to refund these fees for reasons like duplicate, overpayment, etc. To refund, follow the instructions below:

On your Quickschools account, go to Fee Tracking > Online Payments.

50-succeeded.pngOnline Payments tab

Open the payment transaction to be refunded and copy the Stripe Payment ID.


Stripe Payment ID

Open a new tab on your browser, go to the Stripe website and log in to your school’s account:

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