Online Payment Refunds via Stripe

Quickschools has made it easier for parents and students to pay for their school fees from their portal accounts using the Online Payments feature via integration with Stripe. In some cases, after parents have paid via credit card, the school may need to refund these fees for reasons like duplicate, overpayment, etc. To refund, follow the instructions below:

On your Quickschools account, go to Fee Tracking > Online Payments.

50-succeeded.pngOnline Payments tab

Open the payment transaction to be refunded and copy the Stripe Payment ID.


Stripe Payment ID

Open a new tab on your browser, go to the Stripe website and log in to your school’s account:


Stripe Sign In Page

From the Dashboard, go to the Payments overview page and search the charge to be refunded by pasting the Stripe Payment ID you’ve copied earlier. Click the ••• icon at the right of the charge and select Refund payment.

4_StripeDashboard.pngStripe Dashboard

By default, the full refund amount is auto-filled. Enter a different amount if you wish to do a partial refund. Check the “Refund Application Fee” to refund Quickschools application fees and select a reason for the refund. If “Other” is selected, a note is required. Finally, click the Refund button to process.


Processing Full Refund

Go back to your Quickschools account > Fee Tracking > Online Payments and click the “Synchronize with Stripe” button. After doing so, you will notice the status of the recent refunded transaction will be changed from “Succeeded” to “Refunded”. Partial refunds will appear as “PartiallyRefunded”.


Synchronize with Stripe via the main Online Payments tab

Alternatively, you can sync refunds individually by clicking on the specific transaction and click the “Sync With Stripe” link.


Sync with Stripe via Online Payment Details

Please note that the credit card fees will also be adjusted to reflect the amount charged by Stripe. If the application fee was refunded, only the Stripe processing fee amount will reflect on the credit card fee. The credit card fees may vary based on contract agreements between your school and Stripe. QuickSchools will simply reflect the fees as applied by Stripe.


Billing details with credit card fee

You can see the breakdown of fees from your Stripe account by clicking on the information icon as illustrated below.


Stripe breakdown of fees after refund

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