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Report for Absences with Tardies

July 29, 2019

Although Summary Reports are pre-configured to contain preset columns and filters, the reporting tool itself can be quite powerful. So if you’re looking for a report that you’re unable to create on your own via the Report Creator, you can always commission QuickSchools to build a custom report that appears in the Summary Reports. 

Here’s an example taken from language schools that need to convert 3 tardies to 1 absent. The “Absences with Tardies” Summary Report that we built consolidates all absences and tardies using the conversion described above: 

The report contains columns for Number of Absent, Number of Tardy and Total Absent which includes the converted Tardies.

This report is currently only available by request, so please contact us via chat or email to so we can enable it for you.

If you have a different required number of attendance to be converted, we can customize a report for you. We also customize templates for report cards and transcripts with attendance conversion.

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