Report for Orphaned Subjects (linked to Resigned Teachers)

As with any organization, employees (including teachers) come and go. When a teacher resigns (and is deactivated from your QuickSchools account), the teacher record is retained and remains linked to all subjects that the teacher taught. This is obviously helpful for historical records. So just because a teacher resigns, we still keep track of the courses and grades linked to that teacher.

But what happens if a teacher resigns during an active term?

Typically, subjects assigned to resigned teachers would be re-assigned to an active teacher. But depending on circumstances, school administrators may not update the subjects in QuickSchools in real time. So here we’ve built a new report that identifies active subjects linked to resigned teachers. This new report called the “Active Subjects/Lessons with Resigned Teachers” is available under “Summary Reports”:

Active Subjects/Lessons with Resigned Teachers Report

This report ONLY lists active courses linked to resigned teachers. However, there is a filter to determine whether the course is “Active” or “Orphaned”. An “Active” course is essentially a course that has been successfully re-linked to an active teacher. While an “Orphaned” course is only linked to a resigned teacher, and needs to be re-linked to an active teacher.

Report with Active subjects filter

Report with Orphaned subject filter

From the example above, the subjects Math 6 and Science 6 is solely taught by the resigned teacher Wise, Carrie. On the other hand, English 6 is still linked to resigned teacher “Wise, Carrie”, but has also been re-assigned to active teacher “Rice, Melissa”.

Subject list from Global Subject Setup tab

In summary, this report should help School Admins identify the subjects that need to be re-assigned especially if they have a lot of subjects per term.

Check out our article Setting Up Subjects And Enrollment to know how to change teacher assignments or add multiple teachers to subjects and Removing Resigned Teachers for instructions on how to resign a teacher.

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