Online Admissions a Powerful Tool

Since we released Online Forms for Inquiries and Admissions Applications back in May, we’ve made many adjustments to the module, thanks to your feedback. Here’s a summary of what the Online Forms for the Admissions Module can do for you:

  • Create and organize your own Custom Fields for your inquiries and applications
  • Allow applicants to upload supporting documents when submitting an online form
  • Customize the email that is sent to the applicant when the online form is submitted
  • Configure recipients to be notified via email when an online form is submitted
  • Preview the Online Form before publishing it on your website

With these tools, you can completely customize your admissions form to look something like the following:

Sample Online Admissions Form
Sample Online Admissions Form

Once an inquiry or application is submitted online, a record appears in your QuickSchools account for further action. Here is a summary of what you can do with the Admissions Module (after a record is created / submitted):

  1. Convert Admissions Applications to real student records without having to re-enter student information. Note, you can also convert inquiries to applications, but it’s probably better that you ask the inquirer/applicant to re-submit an online application form, as the admissions application contains a lot more information (compared to the inquiry) that will still need to be entered.
  2. Track the status of inquiries and applications. An application may be Approved or Rejected. And once enrollment is Offered to the applicant, the applicant may decide to reject or accept the offer (i.e. status is “Offer Rejected” or “Offer Accepted“). You can also define your own status like “Wait-listed” or “Pending Financial Assistance”. An application record is not converted to a student record until you set the application status to “Enrolled”.
  3. View / Export your data via Report Module in tabular format or in MS Excel.

One more thing to note is that our Admissions process does not yet allow accepting of Online Payments during the Admissions process. To remedy this (for the time being at least), we recommend one of the following:

  • Include a description on the Online Form on ways to submit payment. This could be a mailing address to submit payment via check, or instructions for payment via PayPal.
  • Once an admissions application is submitted and verified, you can follow-up with the applicant via email or telephone on payment options (just like the above).
  • You can convert the application to a student record, invite the student/parent to their Student or Parent Portal, and enable the Online Payments option for Fee Tracking. Right now, online payments for QuickSchools can only be done via the Student / Parent Portal.

As always, if you need help setting this up, please come chat with us. We’d also be delighted to give you an Online Demo on how this works as well. Just let us know when would be good time for you. We also welcome any feedback you may have on how we can further improve our Admissions Module.

Just to note, we’re currently working on the following improvements for the Admissions module:

  1. Users will be able to follow up with Applicants via email right from the QuickSchools screen. If an applicant responds via email, it would go back to the senders email.
  2. Users will be able to view/download Completed Admissions Forms in PDF format, so that it can be printed, signed and filed as necessary.

We look forward to seeing you online!

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