Skills-based Report Cards for Montessori Schools

The QuickSchools Report Cards module has evolved tremendously over the years, thanks to feedback from our family of schools. And we’re very proud of the simplicity and the flexibility it has to offer. Although we already offer a variety of report card templates that can suit the needs of many schools, we can also create custom report cards for schools that have very specific formats.

Below is a sample booklet-style skills-based report card that can be used for Montessori schools:


Sample Montessori Report Card
Sample Montessori Report Card

Click here to view in PDF – Sample Primary Montessori Report Card

This type of report card has traits very similar to the Standards-based report cards we mentioned for Primary (K-3/K-8) Schools. You can actually very easily set up your own standards/skills to be evaluated upon, and you can also define how each standard/skill is assessed via a dropdown.

Here’s a sample of how the Subject-based screen would look like, if you’re assessing a group of students based on a particular group of skills/standards:

Subject-Based Screen for Report Cards
Subject-Based Screen for Report Cards

If you need help setting up your report cards, or if you’d like us to set up a custom report card for you, please contact our support staff via chat or email. We’d love to get you started on QuickSchools.

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