Voice Messaging

The Voice Messaging feature is part of the Messaging module included within QuickSchools. Like text messaging, voice messages incur an additional cost, and are typically used sparingly in case of emergency (like school last-minute school closures due to inclement weather).

The cool thing about our Voice Messaging module is that you don’t need a microphone to record your message. To record a message, simply specify a phone number to call, and you can record your message over the phone:

Record a Voice Message by specifying a Phone Number to call

Once you’re done, press the ‘#’ button before hanging up, and then you’re done. The recorded message will appear on your screen. Previously recorded messages will also appear on the right, with transcriptions, so that they can be reused:

Previously recorded messages appear to the right, and can be re-used

You can also change the Caller ID when sending out text and voice messages by clicking on the “Change” link next to the phone number near the top.

For more questions about this feature, please leave a comment, and chat with us online.

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