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If you have a group-school or district setup in QuickSchools, you can actually configure your Online Forms to be shared across multiple sites. This means that you’d only need to set up a single form packet to process applications for ALL schools in the group/district. Applications can then be routed to the appropriate school as needed.

To set up this feature, you’ll first need to enable the Advanced Settings in the Online Forms app from the App Store:

Enabled Advanced Settings for the Online Forms App

Once that’s enabled, clicking “Configure Form Packet” will include the “Advanced Settings” at the bottom of the page.

Configure Form Packets

To share the form packet with other sites in your group/district, simply add any additional schools to the list under the “Advanced Settings” section:

Next, you’ll need open one of your forms, and map one of your fields to “School Name”:

Configure fields mapped to “School Name” to the “Drop Down” field type

The field type should be set to “Drop Down”, and you should then add the names of your schools as options for the dropdown:

Set Drop Down values for the “School Name” field to the name of the schools in your group

So when users fill in the form, they can select on of the schools from the dropdown:

User can select a School from the mapped Online Form field

Reviewing Submissions

Form packets that are shared will be indicated as such on the list of available form packets:

Note that you can only configure the form packet from the original site where the form packet was created.

When a form is saved / submitted, the submission will appear at the school where the form was submitted. Even after submitting, if an admin user at the site changes the school name for a submission, the forms will be redirected to the new site.

Submissions for a particular site can be treated like a regular submission. Students can be enrolled from the online forms module, creating new student records for the local site.

For additional questions, please contact out support team.

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