Paid Mass (Parent) Messaging

Quickschools Parent Messaging allows school users to send messages to parents, students, and teachers via email, text (SMS), and voice message. These school users are the teachers, staffs, school admins, etc.

Sending of emails is always freely available even for trial subscriptions. Text and voice messages on the other hand follows a pre-pay system so you’d need to purchase a credit to use them. This credit gets used up as you send out messages via text or voice.

To purchase a credit, your account needs to be subscribed with Quickschools. You’ll have the option to buy credit once you have subscribed:

After buying a credit, the Send Text Message and Call Phones buttons become available so you can start sending text and voice messages:

You can view your account balance under ACCOUNT page in the menu bar (where you can also buy a credit):

For more info, please check out our Support site article: Paid Mass (Parent) Messaging

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