We know you’ve been waiting for this: Mass Parent Communication

I’m excited to announce that QuickSchools.com willl be launching the mass parent communication tool soon. What can you do with this tool?

  • Get QuickSchools.com to automatically phone all parents, playing a pre-recorded message. Very useful if your school is closing due to snow, for example.
  • The same thing can be done using email and text messaging.
  • You can control who gets the message: All parents, parents of students from a specific class, etc.

You don’t need to install any special hardware, or hook up your phone to your computer, or anything like that. We’ve taken care of all those details. You simply use the online QuickSchools.com application.

For example, to get QuickSchools.com to automatically call-out with a recorded message, simply record the message using your computer, and upload the audio file to QuickSchools.com. Since QuickSchools.com has all the phone numbers of the parents, it can start calling-out and playing back the recorded message.

Your school pays a nominal sum for this service. For example, calling out will cost 5 cents a minute (USD).

Right now we don’t have a cool name to call this feature.  “Mass Parent Communication” is boring. If anyone has any ideas, let us know! The feature is targeted for launching in May 2009.

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