We recommend the Apollo Plan

If you’re having trouble deciding which subscription plan to start with, then we definitely recommend the Apollo Plan. It is by far our most popular plan. Here are some benefits to starting with the middle:

It has most of the features you need: The Apollo Plan has all the modules that schools typically want, which includes Attendance, Gradebook, Report Cards, Parent and Student Portals, Admissions, Transcripts and Discipline. You of course get all the support your need, including customization.

It’s easier to roll out: It’s typically difficult to roll-out new software to teachers. And so with less features compared to the Athena Plan, you’re able to introduce new modules in a controlled way, ensuring better adoption amongst your users. Even with all the features available on the Apollo Plan, we recommend turning them on one-at-a-time.

You can switch plans at any time: You can switch plans instantly at any time. Just go to the “Features” page, and click on the appropriate plan.

You can add-on Athena Plan features: If you just need one or two additional modules from the Athena Plan, come talk to us. We can add-on specific Athena Plan modules for a low monthly fixed price.

We try to make things as easy as possible. That’s our philosophy. And we welcome all new schools to the QuickSchools family.

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