Module-Based Email Templates

In the recent QuickSchools release on May 6, 2020, we introduced some new improvements to our Email Templating module. This article aims to highlight a few key features of this capability.

The Email Templates feature is currently available in several modules, namely:

When accessing a record in these modules, there is an “Email” button that allows you to send emails that utilize fields from the module. Here’s an example from the Admissions module:

quickschools Module-Based Email Templates
Send Emails from the Admissions module

You then have the option of creating an ad hoc email, use a template, or view the history for this record:

Options when using the Email Template capability
Options when using the Email Template capability

Each module has its own set of fields that you can use. Just click on the “Insert Field” link to view list of fields:

guide for quickschools Module-Based Email Templates
Create an ad hoc Email using fields from the module

Clicking on a field will insert that field into your template:

step by step for Module-Based Email Templates
Insert fields from the module into your email

If you find yourself sending the same emails over and over again, you can create email templates:

manage email templates
Create Email Templates to be re-used again

Inserted fields can also be used for the Subject and Email Address fields too.

how to add email templates in quickschools
Inserted fields can be used for Subject and Email Address fields

Emails sent via the Email Templates module are tracked separately. Click on the “History” link to view all emails that were sent out for a particular area.

Bulk Send Emails

Certain modules have the ability to send bulk emails. Just select all the records affected via the check boxes on the left, and then select the “Bulk Email From Template” option. Here’s an example from the Fee Tracking module:

send bulk emails with quickschools
Bulk Send Email from the Fee Tracking module

After creating your email (either ad hoc or via template), clicking the “Send Email” will actually give you the option to “Preview” or “Send” emails for individual records:

how to send bulk emails with quickschools

You can send out the first few emails manually, just to see how it all works. To send emails for all records on the list, you can click on “Send all remaining” at the bottom of the screen.

Reporting on Templates

We have a few reports that you can use to review the Email Templates that you’ve created for the various modules:

reporting on templates

Here’s a sample of what the report looks like “Email Templates” report looks like:

sample of email templates with quickschools

If you’d like to see the Email Template feature expanded to other modules not listed here, please let us know via email or chat, or leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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