Tracking Late Arrivals and Early Dismissals

There are times when the school needs to track when students arrive late to school, or when they leave early. In most cases, you can use the Sign-In/Sign-Out app in QuickSchools, which works like a kiosk for signing in students on premise. If you want students/parents to notify the school of late arrivals or early dismissals from their portal, then the Online Forms app might be the better way forward.

Submitting Forms

Here’s an example of how you can use the Online Forms to allow parents to notify the school about late arrivals and early dismissals. A parent simply needs to log into his/her account and fill out the form every time their child comes in late or needs to leave early.

The form can be as simple as the example form below. The parent will fill out a few fields and then submit the form.

Parents can use the same link to submit the same form over and over again, for different days, or for different students.

Reviewing Submissions

As an administrator, you can be notified via email whenever a form is submitted. You just need to add the appropriate emails when configuring the Notification Emails:

Submitted forms are listed in the Online Forms module:

You can then create custom Statuses to process and manage each submission, as per your current processes at school. Learn more about the Online Forms App here.
The status of the submitted form should be changed from Submitted to “Processed” for example, in order for the parent to be able to submit another form.

Setting Up this Form

To set up an online form packet per the example above, you just need follow the following steps:

  • Create a new Online Form Packet, with a single Online Form
  • Create the fields that you want the parent to fill in
  • Set the Form Type to “Regular Form”
  • Make sure “One Form Per Child” (OFPC) is unchecked. Otherwise, parents will only be able to submit the form ONCE per student.
  • Set up the “Notification Email”

Summary in tracking student attendance

This use case is but one of many ways you can use the Online Forms app to digitize a paper process. Some other examples for using the Online Forms include:

  • Sell tickets (for fundraising events and other activities)
  • Sell school-related merchandise (like books, apparel, and so on)
  • Applications for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Awards
  • Consent Forms, Agreements and Request Forms (for lockers, parking spaces, etc)
  • Surveys (on teacher evaluations, or overall student experience at the school)

If you have any questions about setting up Online Forms, please be sure to contact our support team.

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