“Edit Overall Settings” for Administrators

For school administrators who are new to QuickSchools, there is an area under “Settings” that gives you access to features regardless of the subscription plan you’re on. This area can be accessed by clicking on “Edit Overall Settings”:

"Edit Overal Settings" from the "Features" page for Administrators
“Edit Overal Settings” from the “Features” page for Administrators

Here’s what the screen looks like:

Configure your SIS for school administrators

Here’s a summary of the available features:

  • Configure US vs UK style (dates and labels)
  • Configure Default Nationality
  • Configure access to managing semesters
  • Configure school days
  • Enable College Level Settings (great for Vocational and Trade schools)
  • Enable Customization of Homeroom/Advisor Name
  • Enable Auto-Enrollment by Homeroom
  • Enable XML Back-Ups (especially if you want to do your own backups)
  • Enable/Disable the Teachers Lounge
  • Reset the Teachers Lounge by academic year
  • Enable/Disable the Getting Started page (part of the Test Drive with sample demo data)

For more information, please come chat with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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