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We have a webinar coming up for teachers, focusing on the Gradebook module in QuickSchools. This is part of our new Webinar Series. Be sure to register if you haven’t already.

QuickSchools Gradebook

During this webinar, we’ll be going over some of the more involved features, including:

Gradebook Formulas and Weightages

These are the basics of using Weightages (or Weight Factors) to create formulas.

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Accessing Grades from Previous Terms

When configuring a Gradebook Formula, you now have the ability to access the final grades from a previous term.

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Copy Columns via Gradebook Templates

If you frequently have to recreate the same Gradebook columns across multiple subjects, you can use the Gradebook Template to templatize these common columns, and then insert them into any subject that you choose.

Gradebook Templates in QuickSchools to Copy Columns

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Copy Grades between Gradebooks

If a student is moving between sections, you can easily transfer the grades from one subject to another subject, via the Copy Gradebook feature. This assumes that the new Gradebook has the same columns as the previous Gradebook. If not, you can copy the columns as new columns as well.

Copy Grades between Gradebooks

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Self-Paced Gradebook

The Self-Paced Gradebook is essentially the ability to grades on a per student basis. When a column is added for a course, it is added for ALL students. However, you can change the date for which the column applies, on a per student basis. So 2 students undergoing the same curriculum, and the same assignments, can have the same columns in the Gradebook, but with different assignment dates.

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Gradebook History / Versioning

With the Gradebook History / Versioning App, the system tracks every time your gradebook is saved. You can view what was previously saved, restore the gradebook as well.

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Email from Gradebook

You can now very easily inform your students / parents on their latest progress directly from the Gradebook, using our module-based Email Templates. The Email function from the Gradebook also allows you to include information from the Gradebook.

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Other Gradebook Tools

There are several other tools available to teachers, in order to manage their students and grades, which include printing out individualized Progress Reports for Parent-Teacher Conferences, Printing and Exporting Grades, and identifying Missing Assignments or Low-Performing Students.

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Admin Columns for Report Cards

The orange Admin Columns are configured by administrators, and facilitates the transfer of multiple columns from the Gradebook into the Report Cards. As teachers, you will be required to fill in these columns, either manually, or via a formula calculation.

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Other Miscellaneous Features

We have a few lesser known features which we’ll be going over as well, namely:

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