New Release – Dec 3, 2020

As the new year approaches, we will be making improvements to our Master Scheduler module, in addition to refinements to our Learning Management (LMS) offering. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

LMS: Assignments and Live Stream modules (Beta)

  • Ability to rename zoom meetings
  • Notification on Assignment Submissions by Students
  • Notification on Discussion of Submissions with Students
  • Improve Alerts when publishing Assignments
  • Bug fix for Assignment Due Date related to changes in Time Zone
  • Warning when submitting assignments with no attachments

Google Classroom

  • Improve Google Classroom Sync from Gradebook
  • Support Gradebook Sync by Default User
  • Bug Fix when marks are removed from Google Classroom and resynchronized
  • Improve run time

Master Scheduler

  • Enable “Semester Management” within the “Master Scheduler” menu
  • Expand support for assigning teachers to courses
  • Expand support for assigning courses to placeholder teachers
  • Miscellaneous refinements Master Scheduler screens
  • Enable Course Catalog Importer (previously in Beta)

Other General Improvements

  • Google Drive Integration (Private Beta)
  • Sort students in Merit app PDF
  • Bug fix to Gradebook Formula with no marks
  • Improve tracking of subscription payments via check
  • Roll-Out Gradebook Scale Scores (previously in Beta) – See Below
  • Roll-Out Gradebook formula date range (previously in Beta) – See Below
  • Bug fix when viewing District-Wide students (for Group Schools)
  • Support Leave Date when importing Students
  • Support Sort Order when importing Grade Levels
  • Support update by Subject ID when importing Subjects
  • Support additional fields when transferring students (for Group School)
    • Lives with Student
    • Emergency contact
    • Authorized for Pickup
    • Student Tags
  • Support End Date for recurring tasks
  • Extend timeout when recalculating penalties in Library App
  • Bug fix when refreshing transactions after exporting to QuickBooks
  • Bug fix when exporting Family Billing to QuickBooks
  • Advanced Search for QuickBooks Integration App – See Below

Gradebook Scale Score and Formula Date Range

These Gradebook features were previously in Private Beta, but is now available to all schools. You can enable this feature when you configure the “Report Cards / Gradebook” module under “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off”:

When adding / editing a column, if Scale Score is enable, you will see a new section to scale up the weightage of the column:

When adding / editing a formula, if date range is enabled, you can set a date range for columns to be included in the calculation:

You can read more about it here:

QuickBooks Integration Improvements

We’ve changed the “Export Fees to QuickBooks” screen on the QuickBooks Integration App to only show unexported transactions by default, and introduced a new Advanced Search feature which will allow you to filter transactions by date range, or include previously exported transactions:

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