Top 5 Holiday Classroom Activities for Teachers

One of the biggest holidays of the year is just around the corner. If you are celebrating and school is still in session, here are some fun arts and crafts, classroom activities teachers may like to do with their students this week.

These different activities are designed to also boost creativity and knowledge, as well as be interactive and joyous. Feel free to adjust the theme to make it more suitable for your class.

1. Snowman Craft Classroom Activities

The snowman is one of the key components for this time of year. There are so many activities you can do that are snowman-themed. Craft activities such as handprint snowman cards are just so adorable to create (and we are sure their parents will love them!) There is also the famous snowman created from toilet paper rolls which is easy to do. 

Another straightforward activity you can do, especially if your students are younger, is by saving some bottle caps. Get different sizes with paint and get them to make snowmen using the caps. It will be a fantastic and creative snowman painting!

For those of you who live in areas where there is snow, of course, one of the best ways to make a snowman is to actually make a real snowman! Your students will always remember this day, and you can possibly add in a harmless snowball fight. 

2. Pinecone Elves 

We came across this activity on how to create pinecone elves and honestly, they are so adorable. We want to make some ourselves! (Well, this author does anyway!) All your students need is a handful of items such as wooden balls, felt, string, glue, a black sharpie, and of course the pinecones. If you’d like, you can allow your students to quickly go outside and collect their pinecones (perhaps even after your snowman building)! It is quite a simple project but it allows your students to showcase their personalities by how they design the elves. 

3. Hosting a Toy Drive

The holidays are known as the season of giving and what better way to teach your students about thinking of others is by hosting a toy drive. You can get your students to even donate their old toys (as long as it is in good condition) or previous learning toys, clean them up, and wrap them. Having a toy drive is a good lesson to teach. Students learn that material items are not a necessity and that what is more important is by helping and giving to others. 

4. Gingerbread House Competition

Building gingerbread houses is truly an entertaining activity for all ages. Depending on the grades you teach, it may be better to place your students into small groups and it can be done as a group activity.

The group with the best-looking gingerbread house, judged by the whole class (make sure that they can’t vote for their own house) will win special prizes. You could even include the parents in this activity if you wanted. Done by either the gingerbread house displayed as a blind vote or help to donate the winning prizes.

After all, the holidays are about the community coming together. What better way to have your students and parents get connected with this joyous activity! 

5. Santa Classroom Activities

What would the holidays be without Santa! A delightful decoration in the classroom or at home. We found a really simple yet cute paper Santa craft activity that you can let your students follow to create their own paper Santa. There is even a template you can use that will help your students to cut the different types of paper. In just 5-10 minutes, your students would have created their own paper Santas!

Another simple craft activity is the paper plate Santa. Your students can even make a beard to stick onto the paper plate. Stacey Gibbon even included a video tutorial for you to help! An idea is to perhaps show the video first to the students and see how much they remember whilst making their paper plate Santa!  

We hope some of these ideas gave you some inspiration. If your students made any of these creations or did any of these activities, do tag us on social media. We would love to see them! 

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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