Online Forms Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended our first Online Forms webinar earlier today. We had a lot to cover, so we’ll be conducting a second webinar on the Online Forms later this month. Be sure to sign-up for that as well. You should see an announcement in your QuickSchools portal:

If you missed the webinar, or would like a copy of the recording, please fill in the survey, and let us know. Our team will send you a link to the recording once it’s available. However, if you’d like a copy of the presentation, we have that here for download:

Thanks again, and we hope to see you again for our next webinar.

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  1. […] We had Part I of the Quickschools Online Forms webinar back on May 4th. The webinar specifically described the basics related to the Online Forms module (introduction, installation, key concepts, configuration elements, etc). The slides for that particular presentation can be found in our most recent blog post here: Online Forms Part I. […]

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