One Form Per Child (OFPC)

One Form Per Child (OFPC) is a setting within the Online Forms app in QuickSchools that allows you to designate one student per submission:

One Form Per Child (OFPC) setting for Online Forms

With this setting enabled, parents who log into the Parent Portal will see separate forms for each child that the parent has access to:

Online Forms on the Parent Portal

Ordinarily, when parents have to fill separate forms for each student, it creates extra work. But if forms are configured with mapped fields, the forms will be pre-filled with data from the student record. So this actually simplifies the submission process for parents.

This setting is particularly useful for re-registration, since parents can specify which students will return, and which will not. And as an administrator, you can simply count the number of submissions to determine the number of students that will be re-enrolling (instead of having to count the number of students within each submission). Each student can be processed separately (in terms of processing documents, payments and financial aid). 

NOTE: This setting is required if you intend to enroll students from the Online Forms module. The OFPC setting needs to work in conjunction with the “Enrollment/Registration Form” type setting, also in the Online Forms:

Enrollment/Registration Form Type for Online Forms

For more information about the Online Forms app, or about the Re-Enrollment process for existing students, please chat in. We look forward to hearing from you.

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