New Release – July 6, 2021

Several minor improvements for this release, plus a few general improvements to our Master Scheduler. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Support Alternate Bell Schedule in PDF Section Assignments
  • Mass Email PDF Section Assignments
  • Improve how teachers without departments are displayed in Step 4
  • Improve general performance for large data sets
    • Option to Paginate Step 4
    • Freeze Left Pane for Step 5
    • Optimize Summary Reports
  • New Importer to link Teachers to Courses for Enrollment Period
  • Course Requests Importer supports Course Alternates
  • Improvements to Orchestra Subscription Plan
  • Cosmetic Improvements to Constraints screens
  • Expand Data Dictionary for Summary Reports

Improvements related to Beta Features

Other General Improvements

  • Simplify disconnect from Google Classroom
  • Miscellaneous API Improvements to support integration via Zapier
  • Bug fix when taking for attendance for multiple Subjects in the same period
  • Bug fix for Section Attendance Pie Chart on Student record
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes in Admissions module
  • Miscellaneous server performance improvements

Student ID Card

We’re really excited to announce our new capability to print/generate Student ID Cards. Student Cards will leverage our existing PDF templating engine, allowing ID cards to be customizable by school. 

Sample Student ID Card generated in QuickSchools (Beta)

You will have options to hide areas of the Student ID, but any further customizations would need to be done by our support staff.

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