New Release – June 16, 2021

Several minor improvements for this release, plus a few general improvements to our Master Scheduler. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Online Payments modules for Students and Parents supports ACH via Stripe

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Schedule PDF after Step 5
  • Freeze Panes for Steps 3 and 4
  • Advanced Search in Step 5 to search for students with unfulfilled course requests
  • Performance Improvements for large data sets
  • Improved support for Summary Reports
  • Bug fixes related to deletion of courses
  • Remove option for “Distributed Courses” from Step 5 scheduling algorithm

Improvements to Canvas Integration

More details on the improvements to the Canvas Integration app will be posted soon.

Improvements to Self-Enrollment feature – Private Beta

  • Ability to hide courses from Students
  • Advanced Search
  • Email Templates
  • Self-Enrollment History (Audit Trail)

More details on the improvements to the Self-Enrollment feature will be posted soon.

Attendance Notification Dashboard for Not-Yet-Taken

  • New option to view/cancel previously scheduled notifications
  • Option to send notifications for the previous day

More details on the Attendance Notification Dashboard will be posted soon.

Other General Improvements

Student Navigator

The Student Navigator is finally out of Beta, and be enabled via the Settings page, when you “Configure” the “Student Tracking” module:

Here’s what the Student Navigator looks like:

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