Collecting Fees via Online Forms

Using the Online Forms in QuickSchools, you can collect fees from parents or students. There are 2 options when collecting fees:

  • Immediate payment: pay using Credit Card upon completing the online form
  • Charge to account: students will be charged via Fee Tracking upon completing the online form

Immediate Payment

This option will collect payment before the parent/student can submit the form. You’ll need to set up the fees that need to be paid – and these fees will be shown to parents/students on the last step, right before completing the online form.
Note: Stripe should be set up on your account for this to work

Collecting Fees via Online Forms

As you can see above, the parent/student needs to enter his/her credit card information to make payment, in order to complete the form submission. You can use this option for selling tickets to events (like an End-Of-Term Concert), or for products like T-Shirts and books.

The Online Forms module can be made accessible to the public, so you don’t have to be a QuickSchools users in order to submit (and pay for) forms. For more information on this method, click here.

Charge to Account

For this option, you’ll also need set up the fees to be paid. The parent/student will just need to confirm these fees before completing the form. The fee will be added to the student’s account under Fee Tracking as a charge and parents/students can make payment at a later time:

how to charge to account for Collecting Fees with quickschools

Since the fee will be charged to the students, this method is only applicable to students that already exist in the system.

For information in setting up this method, click here.

Please chat with us if you have questions. We’d be glad to help!

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