New Release – June 13, 2020

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Online Learning Improvements

  • Option to create Gradebook Column when adding Homework (See below)
  • Expanded WYSIWYG support for Report Creator
  • Expanded WYSIWYG support when posting Homework from Lesson Plans
  • Fix display of “Homework Due” notification on Student and Parent Portals
  • Fix text alert for Homework assignments using WYSIWYG
  • Enable new “Homeworks” tab in Student and Parent Portals
  • Framework Improvements for upcoming Assignments module

Other Improvements

  • Failed Credit Card payments no longer adds phone/text credit
  • Improve Session-Based LogOff function
  • Fix loading error when synchronization between browsers
  • Fee Tracking Import no longer in Beta
  • Add usage note on Custom Embed section for Admissions
  • General Security Improvements
  • Support Mapping to Canvas when users in Canvas do not have login information
  • Improve Gradebook Sync for Google Classroom

Create Gradebook Column from Homework module

When adding / editing a Homework assignment, you know how the option to “Grade this assignment”, which will automatically create a column in the Gradebook:

Some things to note about this function:

  • If you delete a column in the Gradebook that is linked to a Homework assignment, the “Grade this assignment” checkbox will get unchecked.
  • Unchecking the “Grade this assignment” box AFTER grades have been added is equivalent to deleting the column in the Gradebook. Any grades in that column will also be deleted. We recommend the “Gradebook History / Versioning” app, if you want to keep track of changes to the gradebook, including removal/deletion of gradebook columns.
  • Changes to the Gradebook column details in either the Homework or in the Gradebook will be reflected in the other. This means that:
    • If you change the column details when editing the Homework, the details will be reflected in the Gradebook
    • If you change the column details in the Gradebook, the associated details in the Homework will also be updated.
  • Deleting a Homework assignment will also delete the linked Gradebook column.

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