New Release – Jan 25, 2023

We had a release last Wednesday, with improvement in several areas including the Orchestra Master Scheduler, Shopping Cart and Admissions:

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Improve how constraints are displayed in Step 4
  • Show Teacher Assigned Course Request in Step 5
  • Support to override Room for a specific section within a Group / LinkNo.
  • Bug fix for “Subject Schedule by Teacher” Report
  • Bug fix “Bulk Transfer Students to Another Section”
  • Move option to Print 4 Per Page to Private Beta

Shopping Cart Framework

  • Support to exclude/handle expired shopping cart items (see above)
  • Improve how the Shopping Cart module is accessed by role
  • Report Creator Support for Shopping Cart
  • Bug fix for empty Sales Order

Admissions Fixes / Improvements

  • View Online Payment details from submitted Applications
  • System Fields in Embedded Application Form and now Required Fields
  • Support for Fee Tracking Invoices, when Online Payments is also enabled

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Show Date/Time in Private Messaging
  • Improve support for special characters when downloading files
  • Fix Callback Number for Voice Messaging

Beta Improvements / Fixes

  • Support for Non-Binary Gender
  • Bug fix Course-Teacher Configuration import via SFTP 
  • Bug fix error when resigning teacher for Group Schools

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