Our Webinar Series Carries On…

As part of our Webinar Series for March, we recently completed two webinars on the topic of Google Classroom Integration — one for Administrators; and another for Teachers.

Our series continues with two more webinars this coming April, the first of which will be for Administrators. This first webinar for April will discuss our Admissions module.

The next webinar to keep an eye out for will be for Teachers, where we’ll go over our Gradebook module.

Come join us, and learn how to track and engage prospective students. Simplify the way you evaluate and admit new students into your institution.

The admissions webinar will be held on the 6th of April, at 01:00 PM (EST). Administrators can register to the webinar by clicking on link available once you log into QuickSchools (Limited Spaces available). See you guys there!

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  1. […] Admissions module is currently included in ALL QuickSchools subscription plans. And we even had a webinar about our Admissions module earlier this year. If you’re subscribed, would like to learn more, contact our support team, and we may be able to […]

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